Research Presentations

Safe Access, Patient Positioning, Portal Placement, and Capsulotomy, Dr. Brian Giordano

The Labrum: Anatomy and Function, Dr. Benjamin Domb

Hip Instability, Dr. Timothy Jackson

Dysplasia: Arthroscopic Indications, Dr. Benjamin Domb

Indications For Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Thomas DeBerardino

The Diagnosis: Putting It All Together, Dr. Benjamin Domb

Hip Arthroscopy: How Much Arthritis is Too Much?, Dr. Kris Alden

Learning Curve in Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Itamar Botser

Complications and the Failed Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Brian Giordano

Rehabilitation After Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Timothy Jackson

Open Surgical Dislocation: A Powerful Approach to the Hip, Dr. Benjamin Domb

Surgical Dislocation for Proximal Femoral Deformity, Dr. Justin LaReau

Endoscopic Proximal Hamstring Repair, Dr. Brian Giordano

Combined Hip Arthroscopy and Periacetabular Osteotomy for Treatment of Hip Dysplasia: Rationale and 3 year Experience, Dr. Justin LaReau