American Hip Institute


Chicago Comprehensive Hip Fellowship

"Dr. Thomas Byrd graced American Hip Institute Research Foundation as Guest of Honor at our fellowship alumni reunion at the AAOS in New Orleans. Brilliant colleagues, and great friends."

Dr. Thomas Byrd - Brilliant colleagues, and great friends

Focusing on Hip Arthroscopy and Joint Preservation Fellows will be trained in all aspects of hip surgery, providing a unique foundation for a future comprehensive hip surgeon. Training will focus heavily on hip arthroscopy and open hip preservation. Also included are peri-acetabular osteotomy, Birmingham hip resurfacing, and hip arthroplasty (direct anterior, posterior, and Mako robotic-assisted). The fellowship offers a strong research environment based in a collaborative, learning environment. This highly specialized fellowship prepares trainees for a focused niche practice in Hip Preservation. It is ideally suited for trainees graduating from a sports medicine or joint reconstruction fellowship, who wish to obtain further training in a second fellowship. However, application is also open to graduating residents.

To apply, please send cover letter, CV, and three letters of recommendation to:

Benjamin G. Domb, M.D.
c/o Joseph Ornelas, PhD
1010 Executive Court, Suite 250
Westmont, IL 60559