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American Hip Institute alumni
Dr. Thomas Byrd graced the American Hip Institute as Guest of Honor at our fellowship alumni reunion at the AAOS in New Orleans. Brilliant colleagues, and great friends.
Dr DombAmerican Hip Institute
Dr. Benjamin G. Domb lecturing to the international orthopedic community at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual conference in New Orleans, LA, USA
Dr Lall American Hip Institute
Dr. Ajay C. Lall lecturing to the international orthopedic community at the International Society for Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA) – The Hip Preservation Society – annual meeting in Madrid, Spain
Dr Domb  Dr Lall American Hip Institute
Drs. Benjamin Domb and Ajay Lall in the cadaver lab working to innovate novel therapeutic techniques in hip arthroscopy
American Hip Institute
AHIRF fellowship alumni leading faculty at Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) hip preservation course at the Orthopedic Learning Center (OLC) in Chicago, IL

American Hip Institute Research Foundation (AHIRF) - Hip Preservation Fellowship

The American Hip Institute Research Foundation (AHIRF) is pleased to offer three (3) Hip Preservation Fellowship positions annually. This highly specialized fellowship prepares trainees for a focused niche practice in Hip Preservation. Fellows with academic interests benefit from the strong research program, based in a collaborative learning environment. The fellowship is ideally suited for trainees graduating from a prior sports medicine or adult reconstruction orthopedic fellowship, who wish to obtain further training in a secondary subspecialty program. However, application is also open to exceptional graduating orthopedic surgery residents.

The fellowship experience is 1 year, with 2 week orientation starting August 1 , and includes:

Surgical activity: High-volume privademic practice focusing on a variety of sports medicine hip conditions, from simple to complex, emphasizing surgical and rehabilitation approaches. Also, a full spectrum of hip reconstruction procedures will be taught to gain a unique, comprehensive clinical and surgical experience:

  • Minimally-invasive Hip Arthroscopy using preoperative 3-D planning software and real-time intra-operative navigation
    • Labral- repair, augmentation, circumferential reconstruction
    • Ligamentum teres reconstruction
    • Capsular-plication, reconstruction
    • Management of hip impingement
      • Femoroacetabular
      • Subspine
      • Ischiofemoral
  • Endoscopic Preservation
    • Trochanteric bursectomy, IT band release, Gluteus medius repair, Proximal hamstring repair
  • Open Preservation and Reconstruction
    • Surgical Hip Dislocation, Femoral Rotational Osteotomy, Peri-acetabular osteotomy, Full-thickness Gluteus Medius repair, Glute max transfer, Birmingham hip resurfacing (direct anterior, posterolateral), Total Hip arthroplasty (direct anterior, posterolateral, Makoplasty robotic-arm assisted surgery)

Regular cadaver lab training for all the above

Clinical activity: Full spectrum of hip pathology learning the essential skills for performing patient evaluations

  • Mastery of physical examination techniques
  • Analyzation of radiographic imaging; X-Ray, MRI (arthrogram / dGEMRIC), CT (3D reconstructions), and triple phase bone scan
  • Hands-on training with ultrasound guided large joint injections (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • Substantial exposure to indications and use of Cutting-Edge Regenerative Medicine techniques (Bone Marrow derived Stem cell therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and viscosupplementation)

Research: the American Hip Institute Research Foundation is a robust center producing, on average, >40 publications annually in major, peer-reviewed, academic journals.

  • Hip Preservation Fellows with research interest will participate in clinical outcomes studies alongside the research team (interns, clinical research fellows) with the opportunity for publishing 5-10 papers annually.
  • Fellows also attend conferences and symposiums, both nationally and internationally, to present their podiums and posters, as well as gain experience in IRB and grant writing techniques.

Other Information

  • Attending staff: Benjamin G. Domb MD, Ajay C. Lall, MD, MS
  • Duration: 1 or 2 year(s)
  • Stipend: up to $80,000 annually.

Interested Candidates:

  • To apply, please email a 1-page personal statement explaining career goals and interest in the AHIRF fellowship, CV, USMLE Step 1/2/3 scores or ECFMG Certification (if available), 3 letters of recommendation, and proof of completion of prior fellowships:

Dr Benjamin G. Domb: DrDomb@americanhipinstitute.org

Dr Ajay C. Lall: DrLall@americanhipinstitute.org

American Hip Institute Research Foundation (AHIRF)- Clinical Research Fellowship

Drs. Benjamin Domb and Ajay C. Lall at the American Hip Institute (Chicago, IL) invite M4/R candidates to apply for a stipend-funded 1-2 year clinical research fellowship.

This is a great opportunity for highly motivated students pursuing an Orthopedic surgery career. This position offers training in clinical research and collaboration with interns, surgical fellows, and attending mentors in the field of orthopedic surgery. Fellows work closely with 8-10 team members in the pursuit of sports medicine, hip preservation, and hip reconstruction related research projects. Clinical research fellows should expect a minimum of 10-15 manuscript publications / abstracts / posters / book chapters by end of each year.


  • Planned career in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Ability to work well with research team members
  • Proven history of interest in research
  • Strong academic record

Description of Program:

  • 1-2 years
  • Research Focus:
    • Minimally-invasive techniques for: treatment of labral tears, FAI, subspine and ischiofemoral impingement, dysplasia, and microinstability.
    • Peri-acetabular osteotomy
    • Birmingham hip resurfacing (direct anterior, posterolateral)
    • Hip arthroplasty (direct anterior, posterolateral, Mako Smart-Robotic assisted surgery).
    • Participation in weekly research meetings, journal clubs, symposiums and professional society meetings both nationally and internationally.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in clinical research including study design, IRB compliance, informed consent, data collection, data analysis, statistics, oral presentation, manuscript preparation, and book chapter/textbook writing.
    • Multiple Podium and Poster presentation opportunities
    • Manuscript publication minimums in peer-reviewed journals
    • Unlimited opportunity to observe orthopaedic clinics / operating rooms
    • Participation in cadaver labs with surgical fellows on a monthly basis
    • Fellows will work under direction of Benjamin G. Domb, MD and Ajay C. Lall, MD, MS.

Goals of the program:

  • High level of expectation to match into top choice Orthopaedic Surgery Residency, with help during the match process from Drs. Domb and Lall.
  • Investigate biomechanical and clinical aspects of the disease processes affecting the hip joint
  • Fellow should expect a minimum of 10-15 manuscript publications / abstracts / posters / book chapters by end of year

Interested Candidates:

  • To apply, please email your CV, three letters of recommendation, USMLE scores (I and II, if available), and a brief letter of interest to:

Dr Benjamin G. Domb: DrDomb@americanhipinstitute.org

Dr Ajay C. Lall: DrLall@americanhipinstitute.org


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