Olivia Paraschos

Research Assistant: Social Media Management

College: UChicago

Why did you choose AHIRF?

I wanted an opportunity to transfer my past research experience to a more clinical environment.

What studies have you been a part of at AHI?

Multicenter Borderline Dysplasia Study, Iliopsoas Release Technique and Outcomes, 10-year sex-based differences.

What opportunities have you experienced during your time here?

"My top experience was being able to learn how to navigate an EMR as well as the full patient experience from the perspective of a provider. "

What are a few things you think candidates need to be successful?

Time management, self-motivation, desire to learn

How has your time at AHI, impacted your path?

I have discovered an interest in clinical research.

And finally, what is your epic advice for the new interns?

Be prepared to work hard if you want to get the most out of the program.