Jade Owens

Research Assistant: Journal and Blog Management

College: Creighton University

Why did you choose AHIRF?

My own personal experience with hip surgeries/injuries led me to pursue this opportunity with Dr. Domb. As a D1 athlete I did not have the chance to pursue full time clinical experience, and the opportunity to gain experience from my mentor/surgeon, conduct research in a field that was new and learn in clinic/surgery was unmatched.

What studies have you been a part of at AHI?

I have been a part of 50+ studies at AHI and have 40 publications currently. I enjoy research on athlete populations due to my own struggles as a basketball player who underwent hip arthroscopy.

My top experience has been the direct learning opportunities and mentorship from renowned surgeons. I spent my first 13 months in the OR as a surgery intern and learned so much about the field. In turn, it has helped me greatly in clinic as a medical assistant/scribe and has given me the ability to lead research projects.

How has your time at AHI, impacted your path?

It has furthered my interest in orthopedics

What career path/ specialty are you pursuing?

Orthopedic Surgery

My next step is medical school

And finally, what is your epic advice for the new interns?

Take advantage of resources/opportunities that are offered