Allison Kufta

Research Assistant: Surgery Intern

College: Truman State University

Alright, thanks! Why did you choose AHIRF?

I liked that this role offered a lot of different experiences, not just one. Many gap year positions limit you to scribing or MAing or research, not all these opportunities together.

What studies have you been a part of at AHI?

Labral reconstruction book chapter, 10-year sex differences, Reimbursement project, Mako Stability project, Mayo adolescent study, Technique article.

I have experienced a lot of interesting patient encounters while scribing, and I have learned that it makes an enormous difference in how well you listen. As an OR intern, I have shadowed many cases and have really enjoyed watching the surgeries. Even though the role is stressful, I have learned a lot about operative reports and intra-operative data collection.

I would say my top experience so far was finishing the book chapter, as it will be the first thing that has been submitted. This was not the hardest project I have finished so far, but I feel a lot of satisfaction regarding the work I put in.

What are a few things you think candidates need to be successful?

Especially important to be a proactive learner, as there are grand expectations. Things become much easier when you are willing to search through the drive and look for resources. Not everything will be covered during training simply because of the nuances and volume of different situations that you can encounter, particularly as an OR intern. I also believe having the ability to take constructive criticism is useful, especially for OR interns who get immediate feedback from the doctors.

How has your time at AHI, impacted your path?

I have gained a lot of real-world perspective about how a private practice runs. I know that I can take what I learned and apply it in my career.

My next step is medical school!

And finally, what is your epic advice for the new interns?

Do not be afraid to ask questions!