The two-step maneuver for closed reduction of inferior glenohumeral dislocation (luxatio erecta to anterior dislocation to reduction)


The 2-step closed reduction maneuver was developed to aid in the rarely encountered inferior shoulder dislocation. The maneuver converts the humeral head from an inferior dislocation to an anterior dislocation and then reduces the humeral head into the glenoid. The operator places one hand on the shaft of the humerus and the other hand on the medial condyle. The hand on the shaft initiates an anteriorly directed force rotating the humeral head from an inferior to an anterior position. Once this is accomplished, the humerus is adducted against the body. The humerus is then external rotated reducing the humeral head into the glenoid. Two cases of inferior shoulder dislocation were closed reduced by using the described technique with minimal analgesia and without a change in the postreduction neurovascular status.

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